Writer's block is the horrible state of affairs which is the bane of every author's life. It's the awful, painful, excruciating, frustrating experience of staring blankly at the screen with the cursor staring equally blankly back at you; or at the pristine paper which is mocking you with its pristine, untouched, virginal whiteness.

It's the sensation of your brain going to mush and the more you try to force it to concentrate and create, the more mushy it gets, and it just will not obey orders and produce. It's like having mashed bananas in your head. Over-ripe mashed bananas.

It's the experience which has you wondering if you're going to fail in this writing dream, if you're just not cut out to be a writer, if you're going to have to admit defeat and just give up on it all.

We've all been there - I certainly have. That's how I was able to write with such eloquence about it ...

There are, I believe, several causes of writer's block.

One is a very root cause, and it's where your subconscious feels it's not safe for you to write. I invite you to read more about what is writer's block?. And I then invite you to, on foot of that, discover the cure for writer's block.

You might also like to read more information about creativity in writing, and also some creativity techniques. that I've collected and created for you.

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