There used to be a huge print-on-demand stigma. Self-publishing was considered to be little more than vanity publishing, reserved for those who weren't good enough to get published the 'proper' way

This has all changed now with the advent of e-publishing and print-on-demand

For sure, being published traditionally still has a kudos and validation that self-publishing doesn't. But a self-published book will find its own level due to word-of-mouth on places like Facebook, Amazon reviews and Goodreads.

And with so many people self-publishing now, it has become more acceptable and so the stigma is gone, or mostly gone.

Also, given that any remaining print-on-demand stigma, or the self-publishing stigma in general, is in the minds of others rather than any actions of we authors, it's something we can't do anything about and so shouldn't worry about. 

It gives a new meaning to the old phrase: "Publish and be damned"!

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