Creativity in writing is easy to access, despite what you might think now.

If it seems difficult then it’s just that your creativity is blocked (not that it doesn’t exist), or maybe that your creativity ‘muscle’ is flabby. But like all muscles, exercise will get it strong. And the suggestions in this section of the website will give you lots of tools and ideas.

Writing Creativity

Creativity in writing might seem to be elusive. Every time you sit down to write, you wonder if the Muse is going to grace you with her favour this time, or if she'll desert you again. No wonder the thought of sitting down to write fills you with such despair, and seems like such a huge task.

Well, I have very good news for you:

I guarantee you that you are creative. Creativity is our human birthright. It’s just that you might have lost it along the way.

One major way we lose (or rather, mislay) our creativity, is through the school system. The school system needs, seeks and encourages conformity. How can it be any other way? If you had 20-30 children being creative in many different ways, chaos would rule. Classes just are not set up like that.

I absolutely recommend the following 20-minute video, which explains this superbly: Ted: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

It's so important that you really get this. Unless you believe that you are creative (it's just mislaid, as I said), your creative writing will never flow. All the techniques in the world cannot help you access a creativity you believe does not exist.

This attribute of schools killing creativity is one of the major reasons that I home-educate my son. Indeed, when he was a lot younger I brought him to an Easter art workshop. The children were given a cardboard cut-out egg with stripes drawn on it; and an Easter Bunny puppet to be assembled and coloured. The only creativity was what colours the children would use. We left. I have been in too many classrooms, shuddering at the almost-identical artwork on the walls, to want that for him.

However, I went through the school system, and you probably did too. It took me years to recover my creativity, which is why I didn’t start writing novels until my mid-thirties despite loving writing so much. I’m a good writer, I used to tell people - and above all, myself, but I just don’t have any creativity.

I now know that this isn’t true. And it’s not true for you either. I’m sharing with you here how I regained my creativity, so that you can do it too.

People often wish they had free software for writing novels, and I want to say to them: they already have all the free software they need - it’s called their brain! With the tools shared here, you’ll see how to access it upon demand.

Creativity and Writing: Accessing it Now!

The first, best, and absolutely recommended way of accessing your creativity is to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT is an absolutely amazing tool which I am so excited to share with you, to enhance your creativity in writing. It's absolutely the missing link with regard to curing writer's block and accessing your creativity.

Check out too the following page: Creativity Techniques

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